North Fork Sewage Pumping Station


North Fork Sewage Pumping Station
Henderson, Kentucky


Henderson Water Utility

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This project was the construction of a new sewage pumping station, associated sewer pipe installation, and construction of a pump storage building/electrical room. The wet well was excavated through silty clay soil and rock to a depth of 40' below the existing ground. There was 750 cubic yards of concrete for the wet well alone, and over 1,000 cubic yards total of cast-in-place concrete on the project. The incoming 30" ductile iron and 18" PVC gravity sewer pipes were installed to a depth of 30', and the 4 variable frequency drive controlled submersible raw sewage pumps discharged to a 30" ductile iron force main through a valve pit and flow metering pit. Upon completion of the new pumping station, three offsite locations were tied into new gravity sewers and diverted to this station.

75% of this project was completed by BBI's own forces.